Here are our upcoming events. If you would like to book us, get in touch!

Date Venue
20 July 2019 Little Glastonboro
14 September 2019 Bramhall Cricket Club
04 October 2019 Rochdale Oktoberfest- SOLD OUT
05 October 2019 Pirvate event, Harrogate
05 October 2019 Bowlers Manchester- tickets on sale!
12 October 2019 Uppermill Civic Hall
16 October 2019 Salford Uni, Freshers week
18 October 2019 Rochdale Oktoberfest- SOLD OUT
19 October 2019 Private event, Stirling
25 October 2019 Wrexham Oktoberfest
26 October 2019 Wrexham Oktoberfest
08 November 2019 Ainsdale Oktoberfest
15 November 2019 Milnrow Cricket Club, Oktoberfest
31 December 2019 - 01 January 2019 New Year's Eve party, Littleborough Cricket Club, TICKETS NOW ON SALE

"The Jager Maestros are not to be missed! Whatever your mood or fancy, they'll pick you up and throw you about for a couple of hours, leaving you feeling high in the sky, or more likely dancing on tables! Great fun, great leader and a guaranteed good time!"

David Morton, principal cornet of Eikanger Bjorsvik Musiklag in Norway and world renowned artist for Geneva instruments.